• Image of Individual Issues of <i>Cartozia Tales</i>

PLEASE NOTE: We are phasing out our BigCartel storefront in favor of cartozia.com/store. You'll find more inventory and somewhat easier navigation there. You can still use this site to order Cartozia Tales, but it will be updated less frequently.

For example, cartozia.com/store is the only place you can order issue #4, which will ship in early June.

If you want to try an issue or two of Cartozia Tales before you sign on for a full subscription, you can order them individually here. Each issue has stories by the group of terrific core contributors, plus two guest stars.

#1 features a cover by Leah Palmer Preiss, plus stories by Jon Lewis and Dylan Horrocks.
#2 features a cover by Brittney Sabo, plus stories by Adam Koford and James Jockalka.
#3 features a cover by Damien Jay, plus stories by Evan Dahm and Kevin Cannon.