• Image of "Fun Bonus" Books (Bestiary, etc.)

PLEASE NOTE: We are phasing out our BigCartel storefront in favor of cartozia.com/store. You'll find more inventory and somewhat easier navigation there. You can still use this site to order Cartozia Tales, but it will be updated less frequently.

If you'd like a little taste of Cartozia, or if you missed the "fun bonus" for one issue or another, you can order the extra bonus books individually here.

#1: An Alphabetical Bestiary of Cartozia, twenty-six creatures particular to our world, each introduced to you with a sketch by one of the Cartozia artists and a little Dr.-Seussian poem by Isaac Cates and Mike Wenthe.

#2: An Introduction to Cartozian Magic, supposedly by Annistar Blugle, but actually written by Isaac Cates, with illustrations by Shawn Cheng, Tom Motley, Mike Wenthe, and Lupi McGinty. This small volume explains the particular way that magic works in our odd world.

#3: six-pack of spooky teeny minis: Five creepy eight-page comics or illustrated poems written by Mike Wenthe and Isaac Cates, with illustrations by Brad McGinty ("Bogey Bog-Ogre"), Ben Towle ("Seven Creeps from Old Mradoslayev"), Henry Eudy ("Vegetable Vengeance"), Glynnis Fawkes ("Ghost in the Gourds"), Eric Orchard ("My Cozy Mausoleum"), plus Lupi McGinty's "Malith and the Whispering Star."

#4: two full-color 5" x 7" sheets of high-quality stickers featuring Cartozian characters and creatures, including Minnaig the otter-girl, a philosopher bird, Cyrus and Blip, Taco and Wick, and more. Drawn by Lucy Bellwood and Lupi McGinty.