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PLEASE NOTE: We are phasing out our BigCartel storefront in favor of cartozia.com/store. You'll find more inventory and somewhat easier navigation there. You can still use this site to order Cartozia Tales, but it will be updated less frequently.

If you already have one or more issues of Cartozia Tales, and you'd like to subscribe for the rest, that's great! You know what sort of great stuff you'll be getting, because you've seen some of it already.

As with the complete ten-issue subscription, you can opt to receive a "fun bonus" with each issue. Usually these will be some small printed extra (a booklet, a poster, stickers). Or you can opt to get the fun comic, without bonuses.

In the drop-down menu below, you can choose where to start your subscription, and whether you want to get the bonus materials. If you don't have the bonus materials for the first three issues, you can order them a la carte here, in another section of the store.